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Self Construction tee

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Size Chart

Size Length (in.) Width (in.)
Small 28 18
Medium 29 20
Large 30 22
Extra Large 31 24

Design Notes: Self Construction

We were playing around with the idea of overcoming self-defeating thoughts since that’s something we’ve struggled with for many years. There had to be an adjective strong enough to describe the kind of thoughts that are strong enough to replace those negative ones. Recalling Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the highest level of self-actualization seemed appropriate.

In order to make the concept more understandable, we made the design take on a construction theme. Simply swapping defeating for destructive and actualizing for constructive made the graphic feel more unified. The triangles on the SELF graphic represent the uppercase Greek delta character (Δ) which is used to denote a difference or change. In this case, the change we all want is to have less destructive thoughts and more constructive ones.

The color palette has strong intention behind it as well. While surrounded in darkness (black shirt) the first thoughts we often turn to are destructive (white). Once we take a moment to reflect on our true self, we recognize that we have the ability to rebuild our thoughts (orange).

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